Books I’ve Been Loving #1

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend like me?

Now I know lots of you like to read when your bored, and that is a wonderful hobby. So here I am, to tell you what books I’ve been loving! I will feature a couple of  books, and hopefully you will also try them out. ❤

Discovery Girls Magazine:

Now I know that I said I will feature BOOKS, but I am absolutely addicted with these magazines.

There are just amazing.

These magazines are for girls, and are written by girls! So it’s not just junk about fashion sense and stuff. I’ve read about 4 of these magazines and I am in love with them

When You Reach Me

This book is lovely! It even has a Newberry Award!

Usually, I don’t like to read books with awards (I know, its stupid) but mostly because I think the character is always too goody two shoes.

But this book was amazing.

I have never cried because of a book. But when reading this I did. It was just amazing.

The end, is like the best part of it. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but seriously you will thank me after reading this.

 Ten Rules For Living With My Sister:

Who doesn’t agree with me?

Ann M Martin is an amazing author. Like amazing.

I really like journal type books and that is what this book is. I just love this book. Try it out!


So that’s all for this week. I was planning to post it on last Friday since that is the day I’m supposed to post “Books I’ve Been Loving” but I was busy and didn’t read a lot of books that week.. So I will NOT be posting another one this week, unless I catch up on my reading.

Love you all!



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