Newest Issue of Discovery Girls (October/November 2014)

The newest edition of Discovery Girls is out!

This is actually the last edition of 2014. The next issue will be coming out in 2015 and I am extremely excited for that.

I really think that this volume was the best so far. Why?

Well it has more to read than the August-September issue for starters. I found that the beginning little comic was pretty funny xD.

Although I still feel like the “Ask Ali” column questions might be made up, they are more enjoyable than last time.

On this Issue’s Debate they were talking about “Should Your Parents Help You Choose Your Friends”. And I was surprised that they actually found people who said yes.

In my opinion, as loving and caring as parents are, they sometimes have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to friends. Let’s take my volleyball game as an example. So there’s this pretty girl on our team and she’s good at volleyball- and popular. My mom instantly likes her and suggests that I share my doughnuts with her. And I’m like “Mom. You want to give the girl who swore at me a doughnut? Are you okay?”

Okay now let’s talk about the Special Feature “Mackenzie’s Journal”. While reading this one, I was absolutely glued and yelling at Mackenzie to punch Jamie in the guts. I can not wait for the next instalment.

I also really liked the little Necklace tutorial in the end of the magazine. I mean like, It’s so easy! I’m totally contributing in the next issue.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a deep breath. You might not have read my previous post and that is a-ok. Just go to this link and find out about this amazing magazine that I am addicted to. 🙂 Have and awesome Sunturday!


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