The Twisted Window

Title: The Twisted Window

Author: Lois Duncan

Language: English

Released: 1987

Published By: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group

Pages: 187

Chapters: 19

Goodreads Summary:

High school junior Tracy Lloyd is unsure about the new guy in school. Brad Johnson is attractive, smart, and polite, but Tracy can’t help but feel he watches her too closely. Then one day Brad confides in Tracy a horrible secret: His little sister Mindy has been kidnapped by his stepfather, and he needs Tracy’s help to get her back. But even as Tracy commits to a plan to help her vulnerable new friend, details emerge that suggest nothing is what it seems.

My Overall Review:

This book was pretty good, and it was definitly a thriller.

This was the first book I read of Ms. Duncan, and I didn’t expect it to be so predictable. Maybe I just set my expectations too high, but it was still pretty suspenseful. In the end of Chapter 12, everything started to fit in and I somewhat had a guess that Mindy was dead.

I actually didn’t realize the book was so old, until I researched online. So if you’re worried about the book being “too old” to understand, don’t fret. It doesn’t really affect the story itself.

I couldn’t stop myself from turning each page, even when it was past midnight, and I was yawning every 10 seconds. You have to keep going, as Lois kept the story very fast paced. She made the story like a mind game, and twisted my thinking each time the viewpoint was changed. I admire her writing skill and will probably continue reading her other books.

The ending definitely threw me off. I felt so angry, and I had so many questions left. I wish that the ending would have gone the way I would like it. Even an epilogue would have had me satisfied but oh well.

The story was good, the characters were just a little under developed, the plot was definitely original (not to mention creepy), and overall I would suggest this book to anyone. The ending just really left me hanging, but it was still very well written and hats off to Lois Duncan for creating a very suspenseful story.




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