Listening To Lucas (Kaddydee)


Listening To Lucas



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Description/Summary: (Doesn’t Belong To Me)

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So when I started the book, Kaddy went straight into introducing the main characters, which were Sam and Lucas. Which I actually admire, because it usually takes me half the story to actually explain what the main deal is.

I love Sammy, and her funny comebacks or sarcastic tones.

I love how Kaddy made Lucas’s life realistic. I don’t think anyone in this world has a perfect life, in which there parents never fight, or they never have family problems.

So the story starts where Sammy finds that Lucas’s father is leaving, and Lucas’s mother isn’t quite okay.

The way Sammy finds out that she isn’t at all that, and the way Lucas helps her find her true self is phenomenal. I love how Kaddy made Sammy so, complicated. Not complicated, but I can’t even explain haha.

Sammy looks like an average girl at the start. Sammy sounds like an average girl at the start. But she really isn’t.

Her father has left them. She has to deal with her boyfriend Scott and has to keep up her reputation at school. She can’t let anyone know that deep down inside her, under all that bad girl stuff, is someone who needs to be free. Someone who wants to become that little girl that she used to before everything changed.

And Lucas is the one who helps Sammy release that little girl.

Well I’ve already spoiled so much for you all. But trust me, it’s an amazing story. Click here and check it out

My Rating: 

5/5 all the way! It’s one of my favorite stories, other than Saving Elliot.

Worth Re-Reading:

Character Structure: 

Yes yes yes. Although, I feel like I could have known Sam’s dad a bit better,

Mature Content: 

Yes, some swearing and some sexual moments


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